Body scanning! We are all use to the concept of body scanning at the airport, but 3D “scanning” is now a growing trend in the health and fitness industries. Shell’s stepped into the ‘beep machine’ to find out more about the 3D Body Scan Experience.

The FIT 3D scanning system is designed to capture the full body of a person. The results make it possible to see the exact body measurements and also gives accurate data such as body fat percent, basal metabolic rate, balance and posture.

I’d personally never heard of 3 D body scanning but was very eager to give it a go at FIT 3D in Chalong. It’s located on the road where all the Muay Thai gyms and health cafes are, a road which seems to be expanding rapidly to cater for locals and tourists aiming to get fit.

I was greeted by Mohammed Pico (Pico) and his very friendly team, and was handed an outfit to wear, complete with bathing cap!

With the guidance of the super friendly staff, who told me not to smile, I stood on the machine, basically which is a raised circular platform with handles. Within 30 seconds I’d done a complete 360 rotation and my scan was complete.

Five minutes later I was seated with Pico and on his computer screen was me! What is incredible about the 3D body scan is the amount of data that can be obtained in such a short amount of time. Pico carefully explained to me my wellness metrics (body shape, waist circumference, waist to hip ratio and trunk to leg volume ratio) and my body composition (body fat percentage, weight, fat mass, lean mass and basal metabolic rate) was then disused.

From looking at the data obtained Pico was able to tell me what areas were strengths and what areas would help me with my fitness with a focus on long term health.

I think personally what makes this technology a standout is not only the accuracy, short amount of time and the extensive data but the fact that it can pinpoint how to improve.

Whereas health assessments is the past involved fat callipers (slightly uncomfortable) a gym instructor with a measuring tape, and scales. This technology is far less invasive, comfortable and quick plus there is way less chance of human error.

Currently FIT 3D scanners have been well received in Thailand and many hotels and health clubs have them installed. FIT 3D offers full training to their customers on how to operate and interpret results.

If your gym hasn’t got the technology yet… perhaps suggest it or go and meet Pico, Nadine and his friendly team and try it out for yourselves. They are currently offering an introductory deal for 700 baht which includes a consultation with a comprehensive report you can take home. Packages are also available for those wanting to get regular assessments to track their progress.

For more information please contact FIT3D Thailand: +66(0)81-958-6756,