9° Sea Breeze Phuket

Step inside the revamped 9° SEA BREEZE at Royal Phuket Marina and you feel like it’s been there forever. Truth be known, Sea Breeze has been there for four years, but now holstering a new angle 9°, the new name garners a creative edge bringing a new feel to the joint. Wooden pallets, wooden cable spools atop oil drums as tables, a new colour scheme, blackboards and music themed decorated walls lend this space a vibrantly back to basics mood that continues to saviour the inviting allure of a good wholesome night of F&B and great music.

Set in the unique location of Royal Phuket Marina, the venue, already a favourite with Koh Kaew locals now attracts folk from all over Phuket and overseas. With an open floor space split in two levels, it’s easy to divide the dynamics into three-parts; a rustic style bar, the more obvious seated restaurant area inclusive of outside and a mezzanine suitable for larger parties, yet this apparent division is entwined together offering not exclusivity but an all in it together feel.

All dishes are made from locally sourced ingredients. While famous for its array of burgers the menu offers great buffalo wings, salads, Thai food to die for and an ever changing serving of bar snacks/ tapas. There is a range of Mexican dishes that must be tried. It is without doubt the best Mexican food in Phuket, if not in Thailand. Oh, and it does proper chips in a bucket.

Along with a set menu of favourite foods, 9° SEA BREEZE plan to introduce special foodie nights, ‘to keep things moving’ as co-owner Simon Primarolo (Prim) suggests. The same goes for drinks with guest beers and wines. We can recommend the All Day Happy Hour on Friday’s with beers at 80THB and Fish n Chips (proper ones) at 150THB – you know, just to get things moving.

Haroula Rose

Haroula Rose

If you have been searching a venue for live music this is your go-to place. The owners plan on regular live bands (local and International) with additional DJ sets and live stream radio broadcast (courtesy of www.asialiferadio.com) every Friday night. The Happy Bastards from Kao Lak (mainland Thailand) opened proceedings on 26 August with International artist Haroula Rose from USA, wooing a blissful crowd on 10 September – stay tuned for upcoming events.

As to why exactly it’s called 9° SEA BREEZE we’re not sure, as Prim explains, “This is a wonderful space that needed an angle and we were told the location sits somewhere on the latitude of 9°, however we’ve since found out that would technically be somewhere between here and Koh Samui, either way, we like the name and it’s sticking”.

With that kind of honesty it’s sort of reassuring to know what you’re getting; Prim continued with his philosophy on what the people want; “People in Phuket are desperate for live music and something with a bit of uniqueness and character. We know that with our diversified artists performing over the next 12 months people will be coming and seeking us out, coupled with a real cool place to eat n drink n be merry, we’re ticking a few boxes”.

The regular Tuesday quiz nights are to commence soon, the owners also intend to diversify into the realms of a plethora of themed nights.

With exceptional food, a funky vibe and friendly attentive service, all you need to do is take a few friends and experience the new 9° SEA BREEZE

We’ll leave you with one last piece of advice from Prim: “Our philosophy at 9° SEA BREEZE is to do things simply but exceptionally well” (breakfast and scotch eggs are also on their way!)

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