Bangkok-based Peruvian Adriana Sanchez has been practicing Reiki at her own Aura Centre in Sukhumvit. Yvonne Liang finds out how Bangkokians can benefit from this alternative healing therapy. Photo by Nick McGrath.

What is Reiki?
It’s a very simple form of healing which helps the body to balance the energy within us. The practitioner uses the palms of the hands to balance energy that could be blocked and drives the right flow into the human body. Reiki is an intelligent energy, it has the ability to know where healing is needed first. All living things are made up of energy that sustains life. It is important to keep it protected, balanced and bright in order to promote an emotional, physical and mental well being.

You liken Reiki to music, can you explain more?
If our body were a musical instrument, when there is an accumulation of stress the kind of music our body would be playing is without harmony. Reiki is a powerful tool to tune us back and make us sound beautiful again.

What is special about Reiki?
It allows me to contact a part of myself, which may not have shape, which may not be recognised by my mind, but at the same time is very strong and takes me to a state where I feel peaceful and calm. It’s an interesting experience to connect with your heart and feel its transmission.

What type of Reiki do you practice?
I practice Reiki Usui, rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usu. I use Reiki in combination with crystals and Bach Flowers and the result is tremendous. These treatments do not just work on the physical body but also other bodies that surround the physical body, which are invisible to humans. Some people describe it as a big luminosity called the Aura. The kinds of treatment that I practice are focused on the restoration of the Aura. Reiki, along with Crystals and Bach Flowers, provides the key to unlock the door of our awareness, which will guide us to amend essential defects, leaving us better and more full than before.

What common ailments can be healed by Reiki?
I think in any big city like Bangkok, it’s normal to find people stressed and overwhelmed from long working hours, financial instability and relationship issues — to name a few. Most of our physical problems have their roots in our mind based on the thoughts that we generate. The common reason for visiting a Reiki practitioner in urban environments is usually for stress-related issues. In order to treat the person effectively it’s important to find out where the stress is coming from and treat each individual on a case by case basis. Bach Flowers are extremely useful in this process as the remedies are personalised depending on the needs of the patient. We are able to treat the person and not the disease, the causes not the consequences.

What has been your greatest joy in assisting people through , Reiki?
To see how they are able to take better control of their lives and to resolve their personal issues for greater mental and physical well being.

Can you give us some example of your successes?
People come to me with common problems such as insomnia, migraines and eczema. A few sessions are enough to make them feel better. I have witnessed people showing strong emotions in the middle of a session. This is a common experience of individuals who are going through the healing process and are releasing the pain and sadness they were holding on to. Of course, magic does not exist. It is a matter of frequency and discipline.

What message would you offer those who doubt Reiki’s healing powers?
I respect everybody has different beliefs. I think Reiki as a holistic method provides a different approach to health and well being. Some people like to call it an alternative medicine. I like to think of it as a complementary and natural medicine. Dr. Bach, a great doctor from the last century, used to say that everything in life is about peace, joy, happiness and health. When our personality goes away from the path the soul has delineated, conflict arises. Such conflicts are the root cause of disease and unhappiness. It is the simple truth.