Most of us will fall victim to physical injury and emotional distress at some time in our lives. When two women discovered alternative healing as their saviour, they decided to share it with the rest of us. Words by Yvonne Liang.

Caroline Link had suffered from gastrointestinal problems for years. Finding conventional treatment ineffective, she turned to a kinesiologist who cured her with alternative medicine. When later she broke her arm, she used acupuncture as a compliment to physiotherapy. She found it not only healed her arm, but also helped her digestive issues.

“Holistic healing has made me more calm in my mind,” she says. “I’ve also gained more clarity in different areas of my life.”

Her co-founder at well-being centre Ormroom, Tulaya Pornpiriyakul turned to alternative means to cure a hernia she received from falling on her coccyx. She discovered that a combination of Thai massage, acupuncture and Reiki energy therapy healed her injury.

The two friends, who met around seven years ago, eventually discovered they had a common bond.

“We both found ourselves not only liberated from the physical limitations of our injuries, but many other issues that caused us emotional grief,” said Pornpiriyakul. She believes that alternative medicine also helped her deal with splitting up from her boyfriend.

They decided to establish Omroom in April 2012 to offer various forms of healing for individuals with different needs.

“We help cultivate the soul’s potential through integrated healing and meditation,” says Link.

Omroom offers clients a wide range of healing techniques such as ‘sharpening your intuition’, ‘opening your heart to love’, ‘liberating yourself from patterns’ and ‘fast track to freedom’.

“People can come to Omroom to find clarity, maintain finer balance, and acquire inner peace,” says Pornpiriyak. She believes that Omroom provides a solution to the needs of people in modern day society. “Omroom offers a quick and convenient escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.”

Now a regular patron of Omroom, Kim Chongsatitwatana had no experience of the spiritual realm before her first visit there.

“I had zero experience with spirituality, so I wanted to explore what it is and how it can help me,” she says. “I think that in today’s world, where there is so much chaos and superficiality, it is important to get in touch with yourself. But it is not an easy thing to do. We need good guidance.”

She has had sessions with almost all the healers who have practiced at Omroom, including Michelle Cempaka, a healer based in Bali.

“I did the Bar session,” Chongsatitwatane says of a technique that activates certain areas in the brain. “I could really feel my points ‘unlocked’. I could feel the negative energy unclog and run out of my head. I felt really relaxed and at peace afterwards.”

Anil Kuludomphongse is another regular attendee at Omroom. He believes the sessions have improved him both on a personal and a professional level.

“I have been able to appreciate better discipline and decision-making skills, which have improved my sense of people’s personality, while teaching me to tap into my creative side with visualisation techniques,” he says.

The success of their venture has led to Omroom outgrowing its current site in Central Chitlom, so Link and Pornpiriyak are looking to move early this year.

Whether Omroom’s contemporary mix of spirituality and faith healing is for everyone is a moot point, but Kuludomphongse for one has no regrets.

“Omroom is a great place for anybody who has an inkling that something is missing from their lives or is looking for self development but doesn’t know where to start,” he says.

For more information about Omroom and Alternative healing in Bangkok, call: 082 080 8581.