“I Am Awake” at The Myth of Mahanaga

The Myth of Mahanaga is pleased to present a group exhibition of photography and paintings featuring Thai artists. “I Am Awake” curated by Yvonne Liang will run from December 3, 2014 – Jan 3, 2015 with an artists’ reception on Wednesday 3 December, from 6:00pm – 9:30pm.

The artists featured in “I Am Awake” include: Karma Sirikogar, Ekkarat Punyatara, Peachravut Pisutsak, Tanasade Silaaphiwon, Yuthana Pongpasuk, and Ekasit Jirattikanon.

Each body of work deals with a different aspect of Buddhist philosophy and spirituality ranging from images of monks to Buddhist iconography and nature. The pieces are inspired by a longing for enlightenment and spiritual growth, with each artist exploring a meditative state of mind. Bold colors and imagery or the lack thereof express their individual interpretations of this theme.

The artists will be present at the opening reception on Wednesday 3 December from 6:00pm – 9:30pm. Restaurant and gallery hours are 5:30pm-12:00 midnight every day and by appointment. For additional information or to schedule a viewing time please contact Yvonne Liang, +66 86 380 6486, yvliang555@gmail.com

2 Sukhumvit soi 29, Bangkok