Bangkok Beauties photographic exhibition by Lepa Georgievska

Openning 24th September, YenakArt Villa, Bangkok In between the solo exhibitions of Gary Gagliano and Wensen Qi, YenakART Villa proudly presents the pop-up photographic exhibition of Lepa Georgievska named “Bangkok Beauties” from 24th to 27th of September.

“Bangkok Beauties” is a series of staged glamorous portraits of the Bangkok’s most acclaimed, interesting, adorable and charming performers and entertainers. “Bangkok Beauties” is about the pleasure of acting, fantasy and role-playing. Beauty is an ideal – difficult, complicated and incomprehensible. Beauty is not necessarily something one is born with – it’s something created within the self. And for most women, there is a mystical privilege to employ some artifice toward this achievement. (T. Capote) In Bangkok Beauties are revealed more than 25 very diverse beauties, who flash a light on this perpetual question on allure. As Baudelaire mentioned in his essay (In Praise of Paint and Powder): the woman has a duty to appear magical and supernatural; it is her duty to charm and cause wonder. Through this series of portraits, Lepa is taking you trough the charms and wonders of the Bangkok’s Most Beautiful. Lepa Georgievska is a portrait and fashion photographer who in the past five years has been living and working in London, Milan and Singapore. Her work has been exhibited in London, Singapore, Stuttgart, Budapest and Skopje.

YenakArt Villa Art Gallery
69 Soi Prasat Suk, Yen Akat Road,
Kwaeng Chongnonsee, Khet Yannawa,
Bangkok 10120 Thailand