Beervana launches Brewerkz Craft Beer

Just four months after Beervana introduced craft beer to Thailand, the beer buddies are at it again, hosting a reception at Smith Restaurant and Bar on Feb. 6 to introduce their latest beer ­­– Brewerkz.

After years of searching for Southeast Asia’s most distinctive craft beers Beervana has landed on Brewerkz as its top seed. Brewerkz, is Southeast Asia’s first brewery founded on the American craft brewing tradition. With over 16 years craft brewing experience and over 16 million pints brewed, Brewerkz is consistently the people’s choice in Singapore. But Brewerkz is more than Singapore’s local craft brewery, it’s Southeast Asia’s local craft brewery.

Brewerkz is the freshest craft beer distributed in Thailand – largely because Beervana can serve it within a week after it’s been brewed – whereas other imports often take months. “A lot happens in the weeks after a beer is brewed. For fresh beers like ours, it’s at its peak in the first weeks and months,” says Beervana’s Chief Beer Enthusiast, Aaron Grieser. “To our knowledge, we have the shortest craft beer supply chain in Thailand and are the only distributor doing end-to-end cold chain. I don’t think you’ll find a fresher pint of craft in Thailand.”

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the beer. Brewerkz is a powerhouse of brewing innovation in Southeast Asia and one of Singapore’s favourite microbreweries. Brewerkz brews six beers year-round and has a constantly evolving lineup of seasonal beers ­– over 50 brewed to date.

“Brewerkz is a dream for the Bangkok craft beer scene,” explains Beervana’s Official Beer Geek and General Manager Brian Bartusch. “It has the best variety of any brewery in Southeast Asia. The beers are expertly crafted to be appropriate for the tropical climate. And they use local ingredients. For example, Brewerkz Honey Apricot Ale uses Thai wildflower honey from a farm in Chiang Mai province.”

Brewerkz is available exclusively at Smith Restaurant & Bar, and the Roadhouse Barbecue until Songkran. You can spot Brewerkz beer by the distinctive tap towers, tap handles and glassware, each locally designed and hand crafted by Thai artisans – and curated by Beervana.

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