Breakthrough at  Neilson Hayes Gallery An exhibition by four female artists will be displayed at the Neilson Hayes Gallery from Jan. 8 to Feb. 3. The four artists Toyoko Taguro from Japan and Ua-phan Chamnan-ua, Nathinee Mantajit and Kunnika Rungcharoenpong from Thailand have been trained under the American painter William Marazzi for several years. The exhibition consists of forty canvases on a wide range of subject matters which encompass sceneries, portraits, nudes, and vignettes from the artists’ overseas travels.

The four artists have diverse backgrounds, personal interests and professions and these differences are reflected in the way they tackle their compositions with palette knives and brushes, and in their colour selections. Yet they share a common denominator, namely a love of art.

Rotunda Gallery
Neilson Hayes Library
195 Surawong Rd.