Deconstructing Burma exhibition at Art In Effect

Deconstructing Burma exhibition at Art In EffectArt In Effect Galleries is proud to present an exhibition of contemporary art called “Deconstructing Burma” from September 20th, 2013-October 20th, 2013,  with an opening reception on Friday, September 20th from 6:00-9:00pm.

The collection consists entirely of paintings created by artists living in Myanmar, which was only officially recognized as Burma by western countries like the United States and Great Britain, when recent changes in diplomatic relations were made within the current elected government. The artists, Tun T Lin, Khine Min So, Maung Myant Aung, K Kyaw, Min Yang Naung, and Zwe Yan Naing created all of the paintings in this collection while living under the former military controlled government.  The collection is varied in subject matter.  Some have political overtones; others focus on day-to-day life in a country that virtually marched in place, locked in turmoil for close to 50 years, while the rest of South East Asia moved forward.

With a new government, lifted sanctions, and a new attitude of general openness towards the west, the subjects typified in these works of art are each in their own way a reflection of time, encapsulated on canvas as new ideas from the outside flood in and new perceptions from the inside begin to trickle out.

Art In Effect Galleries is committed to observing the changes in Myanmar as it is reflected in the art of its people.  “Burma Deconstructed” will run through October  20th, 2013, but will continue to serve as a conduit for artist in Myanmar for as long as we remain a vital link between them and those from the outside who are interested.

This exhibition also punctuates the official grand opening of Art In Effect Galleries located on Sala Dang Soi 1 on a quiet sub-soi just north of Siri Sathon Hotel and across from Tree Creeper Restaurant.

For more information visit or contact Yvonne Liang +668 6533 0402,