French Fashion Fetish Party Comes to Bangkok

The first Fashion Fetish Private Party Masked of Marquis will be held on Mar. 29 from 6pm till late around the pool of The Eugenia Hotel, Bangkok.

Organised by ‘We Are BKK’, the Marquis party will include a models bikini show. All Marquis will be masked all night whether heterosexual, homosexual or female women.

Entitled “Night Eyes Wide Shut – Marquis de Sade” all will be masked as if in the last film of American director Stanley Kubrick. The mask of anonymity behind the mask enwakens seduction wakes, censorship falls and we become bolder. The Marquis de Sade was the epicurean French libertine, a man who made ​​history by his open mind.

The evening promises to be full of surprises with the sexiest or most imaginative masked woman and man winning a bottle of champagne.
We Are BKK is a new online information and events organisation in Bangkok.

All budding Marquis must connect to We Are BKK on Facebook and ask for the password for the evening. Either the Marquis or one of his disciples will decide whether or not to accept your invitation request.

Once you have the password you must go to the entrance of the hotel in eveningware, pay the amount to be member (B990) and whisper the password to the guards who let you entry if the password is right.

Once entered you will wear your Venetian Mask and keep it throughout the evening to preserve your anonymity.

The Eugenia Hotel
Sukhumvit Soi 31