Zipporah Gene dips her feet into the sublime yet understated classic comfort of Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi

Love Never Felt So GoodFirst impressions are everything.

As you step into the lofty arabesque reception area; pass through the ornately carved relief doors and shutters; only to descend into the eclectic Latitude Lounge, which coincidentally, serves the best butterfly pea virgin cocktail I have ever tasted – I dare you to try and suppress that ever increasing flutter of eager anticipation.

Let’s face it, nowadays, Valentine’s day is quite stressful. All that expectation, coupled with our ever-increasing need to fulfil our grotesque delusions of grandeur, can certainly take its toll.
I, myself, am a classical romantic. True love requires finesse, nurturing, time, but more importantly a space where two people can shut off the outside world and disappear into each other. The devil is truly in the tiny indiscernible details, which when combined, make the overall experience all-the-more pleasurable.

The single roomed suites, at 48sqm, are immediately bigger than my entire centrally located one-bedroom condo. And I’m told that, all of the hotels 223 plus, elegant sanctuaries of respite, all come with a wondrous view of the hotel’s plush, verdant golf course.

It’s the kind of place where you walk in, kick off the weight of the world around you, and disappear.

While the finishing touches are still being made on their exclusive new Explore spa, a temporary venue has been set up on the ground floor in one of their larger Presidential suites. In collaboration with, the world famous Thai brand, Harnn, and using only the finest in essential oils and herbs, they promise to deliver a restorative experience like no other. For the season of love, you’ll be glad to know that they’ve even put together a phenomenal set of treatments that can be enjoyed by him and her.

The thing I love about this place is the abundance of choice. If you’re in the mood to enjoy classic, beautifully prepared Italian dishes, then the talented Chef Marco’s, Favola, located in the lower levels of the venue, should be your first point of call. Even for a quick sneaky glance, I would definitely recommend checking our their uber romantic wine room.

For the fussier diners among us, their other restaurant, Latest Recipe, has a spectacular buffet-type collection of both local and international dishes. It’s an open plan set-up, so you too can sit and watch the youthful and charismatic Chef Dong in action.

Mesmerised by the artistry on display I decided to try the Chef’s rendition of the Thai chili crab. Piquant and flavourful, this fantastic mix of bell peppers, onions, celery, turmeric and spiced egg, was so fresh that the crab’s tender meat simply glided out of the shell. Although it wouldn’t necessarily be the dish to try on a date, in trying to reach the tasty crabmeat – I soon relaxed and became less self-conscious. The crab salad, was surprisingly tart, had a little bit of a kick but held its own with its generous use of fresh and skilfully cut greens. However, what really stood out for me, as the star of the night, was the succulent slow cooked tiger prawns. Infused with orange zest, and served with pumpkin mousse and a devilishly sharp roasted garlic balsamic, I’ll proudly stick my neck out and say that this has to be the best prawn dish in Bangkok.

The entire meal was wrapped up wonderfully by Master Pastry Chef Anupong Nualchawee’s creative deconstructed Boston cheese cake. I could blather on for pages about this, but instead all I will say is that the sharp sweetness of the berry compote stayed with me, even as I drifted off to sleep in my cushy king sized bed.

What’s on Offer
Latest Recipe is offering dinner and brunch buffet with price starting from 1500++ THB .
Taste of Discovery Buffet dinner on Saturday, 13th February 2016 and Valentine’s Day Best Brunch price starting from 1800++ THB on Sunday, 14th February 2016.

For reservations please call: +66 2-118-7777 or visit: