AsiaLIFE taps into making water from thin air; magic you say? We think it might just be. Shells looks at one company caring to make the world greener.

Making water from air? Not really a far out scientific concept when we think about the process of condensation. In fact, this technology has been around for 25 years! However, when I pressed the button on a Generation Water machine, and the icy cold water came out, it was pretty amazing considering there was no water bottle, tube or any water connection in sight. It certainly did reach my heart when I heard the story of how two brothers Matthew and Ryan Kohler are successfully implementing this system into Phuket to making clean water without plastic or tapping into existing water sources.


Whilst walking along the beaches in Koh Samui, the two brothers were devastated by the amount of plastic water bottles and decided to take action. Rather than focussing on ways to clean the beaches, they focussed on the actual problem of plastic water bottles, and in 2016 they set up their company Generation Water.

The process is quite simple. Air is passed through a fan, air filter and condenser. It is then sterilized by ultra violet light, filtered and finally minerals are added. Simple it sounds, but we still think it’s some kind of magic.

Not only is this process not tapping into existing water supplies, it is also reducing the environmental impact it takes to produce drinking water.   Think reusable glass vs. single use plastic, reduced logistics, and no by-products.

The Marriott Mai Khao in Phuket is one hotel who have embraced this technology and currently the first hotel in the world to have implemented the system for drinking water. Glass bottles are filled daily on site where the water is made (out of thin air!).

The company hope to see one billion water bottles removed in five years and aim for more hotels, schools, hospitals and households to embrace the technology.

How much will this cost you may wonder? Well surprisingly not that much. A machine for a household that produces 20 liters a day, with hot and cold water is approximately 40 000 Thai baht.

Want to try this delicious alkaline water? Well you can at the ACG (Alan Cook Cricket Ground) Generation Water AERO20 is now available at the Club, so all you sporty people out there can hydrate without filling the bins with plastic!

Way to go boys! We love your story at AsiaLIFE and we hope that Phuket will embrace this technology.

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