MSH INTERNATIONAL, a world leader in the design and management of international healthcare solutions recently celebrated the official opening of its Bangkok headquarters at Park Ventures Ecoplex. AsiaLIFE talks with its director Paul-Dominique Vacharasinthu.

Can you explain what MSH does? What is your USP?
MSH INTERNATIONAL is a world leader in the design and management of international health insurance solutions. We offer international health insurance solutions to individuals, families and businesses. Our members choose us and remain with us because of the quality of service and care that we give. Our teams of multicultural medical experts in five of our regional headquarters, covering four continents, are always available to assist them promptly with relevant advice and guidance. Furthermore, our international medical provider network comprises of many of the best medical facilities worldwide – so our members are always well looked after when it comes to their health.

What was the reason behind MSH establishing its office in Bangkok?
At present, MSH INTERNATIONAL has approximately 600 corporate clients and 16,500 individual clients residing in Southeast Asia. With the opening of this new office in Bangkok, MSH INTERNATIONAL aims at offering a better proximity to its members living in Southeast Asia.

How would you describe the healthcare provided in Bangkok’s international hospitals generally?
Bangkok’s international medical facilities have world class practitioners, the latest sophisticated medical equipment, and facilities & services matching those of a five-star hotel. The quality of healthcare in Bangkok’s international hospitals is therefore generally world class.

What makes Bangkok hospitals so special?
It’s the hospitality and the care of their staff that makes them special.

Why do you think so many people visit Thailand for health tourism?
Quality and price of healthcare. Convenience and modern comforts.

What advice would you give to expats about health care, check ups and health insurance?
My advice to expats is to find quality health insurance for themselves and their families without delay. Expats in these countries often have many barriers to good healthcare – such as knowledge about local health facilities and other cultural barriers such as language. Expats should pick health insurance plans from companies who can help them through such barriers. Health insurance can also give them financial freedom and stability.

How much do your clients pay for hospital treatment in Bangkok each year?
Our members usually don’t have to pay as we often cover their medical expenses and we have direct billing agreements with hospitals in our extensive global network – meaning they don’t usually have to pay upfront. However, if patients want the best care, medical expenses can often reach tens of thousands of US dollars when patients are hospitalised.

Finally, do you have any testimonials from satisfied customers to indicate why health care solutions are so important
I can tell you my personal story with MSH INTERNATIONAL before I joined the company many years back. My spouse once had an urgent need for an operation and so I called the call centre to request for approval. By the time I reached the hospital not long after my call, the staff already knew about our case and we were able to be taken care of promptly without any hassle. The service greatly impressed me. The fee for the operation was also very high – but all I had to pay was our affordable annual insurance premiums. Ever since I have insisted on all our friends and families to get themselves covered without delay.

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