A new training restaurant in Bangkok is building futures through hospitality

A new vocational training restaurant project by NGO Peuan Peuan, ‘Khanun’ just opened its doors teaching marginalized Thai youth on-the-job training in cooking and service. Upon graduation, students are supported to find a job in the growing hospitality industry – lifting them out of poverty and helping youth build futures for themselves.

Khanun meaning ‘jackfruit’, is a Thai inspired restaurant with a focus on creative local cuisine, fresh juices and unique cocktails using locally sourced ingredients.

Serving up truly traditional plates of Yum Pak Boong (Fried Morning Glory with Spicy Chicken and Crispy Chicken Skin) and Southern Thai Fish and Young Jackfruit Curry to more creative local cuisine; BBQ Pork Spare Ribs with Thai Style White Beans there’s sure to be a dish that will leave you satisfied. All is served in a family style format where the menu is designed to be shared and savored with family and friends.

Peuan Peuan’s aim is to train students each year in food preparation and cooking, customer service, life skills and English. After 12-18 months of practical and classroom based training, students are supported by a social worker to find employment in the hospitality industry.

“We’re really excited to open Khanun, our first hands-on training facility that not only offer high standard skills in hospitality to marginalized youth but also facilitate psycho-social support to youth and their family. This type of holistic approach will ensure sustainable reintegration and better futures for youth” – Orawan Saowapat (Noi), Interim Country Project Director, Peuan Peuan

All profits from Khanun are reinvested back into Peuan Peuan’s existing and future programs in Thailand. Programs for children and families in Bangkok and at the Thai-Cambodia border, addressing the obstacles of youth unemployment, unsafe migration, child abuse, and lack of access to services.

By dining at Khanun, you’ll not only support students in training but experience a taste of Thailand.

Find Khanun on Trok Rong Mai, a block away from The National Gallery, open Monday to Saturday, 5pm – 10pm. Check out our menu online and eat up!