Open Auditions for Divorce Sale by the Pattaya Players

The Pattaya Players, the premier creative arts organisation in Pattaya, are announcing their upcoming audition for Divorce Sale by Linda Stockham. Auditions will be held at The Eastern Grand Palace Hotel at 6.30pm on Mar. 4.

In total there are 10 parts for three males and seven females of flexible ages. Although mostly an ensemble cast production, it will require savvy and experienced actors willing to take on especially challenging roles. All interested parties both acting and backstage should attend.

The performances will take place on Jun. 14 to 15 at The Rattanakosin Ballroom, The Eastern Grand Palace Hotel). For further details of audition requirements, please email

The Pattaya Players continue to look for corporate and private sponsors to help offset their current set-up costs. Please consider joining 2013 current sponsors: AA Insurance Brokers, Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, The Cavanaugh Community Center, Eastern Grand Palace Hotel, Indian By Nature, Mulligans Lakeside, Spectrum Audio, St. Andrews International School, The Venue Cabaret, Pattaya Mail, Pattaya People Radio and Inspire EMagazine.

Plot Synopsis
Divorce Sale centers around a soon-to-be divorcee who holds a garage sale with her neighbours’ help. In the process, their own marriages get the comic once-over. Bernice’s suspicions about her spouse’s faithfulness are driving him batty; Ozzie and Kay seem to have the perfect union – but their friends have yet to learn the story behind it; and Wilma is convinced her late husband has come back as a plant. Throw in a tell-it-like-it-is medium and a raucous seance, and you have a hilarious and telling look at the flip-side of marital bliss.

Character Descriptions
(please note that the ages mentioned are purely a guide)

BERNICE ROSENBLUM: Formerly an Army nurse in Vietnam, presently she works as a nurse at a community hospital. Cantankerous fifty-three year old.

LENA HILL: Tall, attractive but an unsure woman of thirty-eight.

KAY BRITMAN: Successful, responsible and a stunningly beautiful woman in her late thirties to early forties.

TROY ROSENBLUM: Bernice’s even-natured computer expert husband. He is in his early fifties.

CHLOE: Aerobic instructor. She is the “air brain” of the neighborhood. Chloe is in her late twenties.

OZZIE ROARKE: Huge and comical. He is Kay’s husband, and a one-time actor who never really made it “big.” Forty-five to fifty-five.

JOYCE: An exuberant woman. Late thirties to early fifties. (Cameo role.)

WILLARD: Joyce’s philandering husband, whom she is divorcing. He can be anywhere from his late thirties to late fifties. (Cameo role.)

WILMA: Chloe’s eccentric but likable mother-in-law. She is nearly seventy.

MADAM SZENDREI: Low-key, non-flashy Hungarian palmist in her late sixties or early seventies.