Just outside the perimeters of Khaosan’s backpacker heaven lies Pra Athit, the latest addition to this bustling street is a western burger joint with Asian flair. Words by Yvonne Liang, photos by Nick McGrath.

Those coming by foot might walk right past this hole in the wall diner as the doorway is completely unassuming and rather small. In fact, the space inside doesn’t seem conducive to your typical hamburger consumers. Even the most slender diners have to squeeze through the tiny gap between a row of bar stools and the wall.

Co-founder and chef Van Rohitratana (Chef Van) says the small corridor was designed to force people to interact with each other on a more intimate level since we live in such a detached world. If claustrophobia is a problem for you, there’s plenty of space in the back courtyard for some open air dining. The toilets are also located just beyond this garden of eatin’ and first timers are in for a surprise at the hellish graffiti splashed interior of each loo.

We visited Escapade for lunch and deemed it too early for cocktails, but award-winning mixologist and co-founder Karn Liangsrisuk has put together a unique selection of cocktails. He’s even created several homemade rums in oddly shaped bottles reminiscent of a pirate’s booty.

For our non-alcoholic afternoon, we opted for the frost orangery (B80). If you like a little tang in your milkshake, this one will stir up your taste buds with an incredible combination of smooth vanilla ice-cream laced with aromatic elderflower syrup, orange juice, milk, marmalade, and the double crunch of passion fruit seeds and a mystery cracker topping. After several failed guesses we finally learned that the interesting flavour came from bits of crushed durian chips – a nice local touch to the western concoction.

Another dish that has a local ring to it is the BTS burger (B170) which is simply bacon, tomato, and sugarcane shallots sandwiched between specially made wheat buns that definitely pack extra flavour and texture compared to regular buns. Although we liked both the idea and catchy name, something was missing. A pile of crispy bacon just doesn’t match up to a real burger patty. Perhaps the “T” should stand for tuna?

On the other hand, Escapade’s signature Angus beef burger with cheddar and toasted rice mayo really hit the spot. Bear in mind though this burger was created in Asian proportions. If you’re looking for something more filling, then try the off-menu quarter cow or half cow which will certainly satisfy a ‘farang’ appetite.

112 Pra-Artit Rd. Chanasongkram, Pranakorn
Tel: 08 7363 2629, 08 1406 3773