This December Bangkokians are in for a treat with the first of its kind Wonderfruit Festival. No, it’s not a celebration of fruits if that’s what you’re thinking. Get ready for a 3-day music and lifestyle camping trip where you’ll get to experience way more than you can imagine and also participate in an eco-friendly event that gives back to the community. Yvonne Liang sits with one of the event organizers Siradej “Champ” Donavanik, who is in charge of hospitality at Wonderfruit. With the experience he brings from his job as Assistant Director – Project Investment of Dusit International, you can expect some top notch camping at Wonderfruit!

Why did you decide to be a part of this event?
I generally love going to festivals, and have been making it a yearly thing. However it’s really an opportunity to bring something of this quality and magnitude to Thailand, and combine it in a way where we are not only help to contribute to the society, but to also raise awareness and show people the new way of doing it. As you know, Wonderfruit is a social enterprise we have set up, and profit goes to our foundation which focuses on environmental and social movements. It is also because the purpose of this festival is well and pure, it makes it so much fun and rewarding, and to get to work with amazing people from different fields and walks of life is certainly something money can’t buy.

What do you think is missing from the current music festival scene in Thailand?
Wonderfruit is what we recognized as ‘transformation festival’, where we hope to transform and inspire people one way or another. I believe in Thailand the main stream music dominating the scene hasn’t change much, but by organizing this, I realized there are a lot of young, talented and amazing Thai bands out there that just incredible to listen to. So it is our hope that we can also showcase them too, not only to Thailand but international crowd that’ll be coming in. We all believe Thailand is ready for something like this.

What unique experiences can guests look forward to at Wonderfruit?
We have nearly 150 hours of contents fitted into those 3 days, ranging from music, culinary, organic farming, talks and debates, outdoor activities (yoga meditation etc). We want guests to cherish their time there doing different things with different people. At the end of the day, the festival is multi-cultural and multi-generational. It’s that sense of coming together and really enjoy the substances that are there, knowing that everything they do they’re already part of a bigger movement to contribute back to society. Imagine having fun and doing goods at the same time, that’s unique enough!

Which bands are you looking forward to the most?
I personally love Fat Freddy’s Drop, reggae is very much up my alley. But all other bands are amazing too, we have been incredibly selective, and genres and mood of music changes all throughout the day. I say just keep your minds and hearts open and let music rules.

How does Wonderfruit give back to society?
Of course we focus a lot of environmental and sustainability. Nearly all of our materials are made using reclaimed, sustainable or recycled goods. Nothing is ever trash in our eyes and we take care of the waste management. A lot of things we do not use we would also donate to people upcountry, be bit water filtration systems, or food trolleys. And as mentioned, profit goes towards foundations. But giving is only one part; another is to raise awareness too. So that’s why we emphasize on the festival being a holistic learning and living experience. We want to see people walking out after three days and felt that they can really make a difference even in the smallest of ways.