Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
I’m Alicia, a Bangkok based Personal Stylist. I recently relaunched and rebranded my Styling business from ‘Ikonstyle Image Consultancy’ which I ran back in the UK, to ‘Stylecoach Asia’ now here in Thailand. I’m a UK qualified Beauty Therapist and also hold a qualification in Communications with Media, also gained from the UK.

As a Beauty Therapist we had to not only be able perform beauty treatments professionally, but also had to learn and understand human anatomy and body shapes in order to perform body treatments on clients effectively and safely. This got me interested in the image industry and I found myself gravitating towards styling, image-work, and transformations through fashion & makeup. Also with an unwavering passion for fashion ever since my teenage years; throughout the years I was often the- go-to person amongst friends for fashion, makeup and style advice often giving my friends make-overs. So it was only natural that this was the path that I would take in a career.

How did your website come about?
After 10 years of a break from the styling world, I decided it was time to get back to doing what I have always been passionate about, and that is helping people become the best version of themselves. I find nothing is more satisfying than witnessing the transformation of the women and men that I assist in finding their own unique Personal Style. We underestimate the power of clothing and not only how it can alter the way we feel about ourselves but also how others can perceive us. Dressing well, with style, improves a person’s confidence and self-esteem and this is what I hope to do in sharing my knowledge, tips and tricks on my website.

My website is created to inspire and educate people who would like to become more stylish, or to improve their style. It’s not about fashion, or the latest trends, it’s about understanding what suits your personality, body shape and how to dress appropriately. I believe nobody is too young or old to discover this useful knowledge and we can make a start at any age. It gives me great joy and a real sense of satisfaction to inspire and motivate women to be the best they can be. And when I see women achieve success, reach their goals and do well in their life I am so happy for them!

Describe your own style
I definitely have a ‘Creative Style Personality’. I’m a bit of a Chameleon in my style, dressing according to my mood but always appropriate to the occasion. I love prints and colour and I’m a huge fan of accessorizing.

Can you describe the looks you have created in your photos?

Stylecoach AsiaClassic white shirt
I love wearing white shirts, it’s easy and never goes out of style. To add a little more detail to what would be a classic and minimal look I teamed it with floral skinny jeans and pointed nude stiletto heels. To add my own twist I paired it with a handwoven basket bag, kept the rest of the accessories simple and classic. Minimal makeup for a chic Parisian look, slick of mascara and red lippy.

Stylecoach AsiaCity- Safari
I can’t get enough of utility style wear at the moment. The Safari look is an all- time classic. I bought this dress second hand from a neighbours moving sale- another well cut Jaspal piece. The length is versatile as you can wear it as evening wear with heels or daytime with flats. I dressed it down with Zebra finish flats and a handwoven obi style belt. Mixed a fun inexpensive bangle with more luxury pieces. My earings is an heirloom from my mother picked up from her travels through Arizona.

Stylecoach AsiaGeometric Print Maxi
Found this dress whilst shopping in Bali and had to have it. Cut on the bias it has an elegant flow and I loved the print, the cutting was very well done considering it wasn’t expensive. I didn’t have to do much to style this outfit, the print speaks volumes in itself. I kept the hair simple as not to detract from the outfit, wore flats to give it an easy-beachy feel.

What’s the biggest mistake women make when dressing corporate?
Corporate dressing can be tricky, so to be on the safe side people tend to opt for wearing a lot of black. Black is a great colour in its own right, but too much of it can result in a dull and unimaginative wardrobe/look. Another pitfall of Corporate dressing is that people buy many of the same items (one for each day of the week), which then becomes a sort of uniform (again no imagination). When not matching black with black, black with clashing colours are worn which results in a cheapening of the look. When training in this area or Personal Shopping with a client, I always encourage my clients to try mixing and matching separates, jackets and dresses in colours with the same tone so it blends in nicely with each piece. For a pop of colour a nice selection of accessories to add an interesting dimension to the overall style.

What are a few simple things that women can do to utilise what they already have?
Regularly try on what’s in their wardrobe and review it. Does it still fit? How does it look now? How do I feel in it now? Separate into two piles, and keep what’s in the ‘still good’ pile and work around that. Don’t be afraid to part with the other pile, if you haven’t worn for more than 6 months, it’s not meant to be. The items that you have kept, think what is missing from your edited wardrobe that you could add to make it a well-rounded capsule collection. If that piece is missing add that and don’t be afraid to spend a little more if it means that you’ll get more wears out of it.

What items should you always in your wardrobe have to look stylish?

1-2 pairs of good fitting jeans in a dark colour for evening and dark indigo for daytime.

A nicely fitted or tailored white shirt.

A set of pearl earrings and necklace (even costume jewellery)

A metallic finish handbag, clutch, flat shoes or heels. Metallic tones goes with just about anything and adds a touch of glamor to almost any outfit.

A well fitted black dress. For men, tailored dress trousers and jacket.

A range of good basics garments that you can build around.

Accessories – A good range of accessories (doesn’t have to be expensive).

What’s your suggestions on how to shop wisely?
Always try things on. Clothes are can be different when they are actually on the body. Don’t blind buy it’s a waste of time and money.

Perfect fitting jeans and shoes can be hard to come by, if you can, buy two. Alternate in wearing them, you’ll never know when you be able to find another perfect fit!

If you see an item that’s a little over your budget but want it, don’t buy it right away. With constant sales going on you may find it in the sale the following week. If you haven’t thought about it again, then you don’t really like it that much.

If you travelling overseas back to your home country, research online your favourite shops before your trip, what’s in the sales and on offer, that way you won’t be so tempted to impulse-buy when you are shopping there.

What’s the best part about shopping in Bangkok for clothing?
Other than all the well-known brands that you can buy in major cities in the country, Bangkok has a creative range of clothing and accessories made my locals. I love that you can find interesting pieces, handcrafted or bespoke designs to add to your look. I love some of the Korean fashion as well but try not to buy disposable fashion nowadays. Chatujak weekend market is a wonderland- lots of interesting things there!

How can people contact you for style advice?