Thai House Resort is a delightful getaway just a few kilometres South of Hua Hin. Owned and ran by Thai local Icesy and her Australian partner Rob, it a family-friendly small resort, set in wonderful grounds. Words by Keith Hancock photos by Robert Fretwell.

Thai House ResortThis really is a complete getaway and one of the most tranquil places within miles of the bustling seaside town on the East coast of the Gulf of Thailand about 3 hours South of Bangkok.

This is the kind of place to kick back, forget about modern life and just chill out. Whilst the resort does have excellent Wi-Fi, you’ll never find a better excuse for not using it. It is one of the most quiet, tranquil places I visited on my recent trip to Thailand.

The Location

Heading south from Hua Hin it is about 3 kilometres south and no more than 2 kilometres from the beach. It’s surrounded by hills, and greenery is everywhere. There seems to be a gentle breeze sweeping across this valley most of the time, bringing a freshness to the air and a respite from the heat, which of course can be stifling at times in Thailand.

The Facilities

The resort consists of nine wooden cabins, set in glorious gardens around a really lovely saltwater swimming pool. The air is thick with the smell of Gardenias and Frangipani blossom. There are loungers and shaded areas around the pool. The ambience is one of quiet calm at all times, in fact the only sounds I heard were local birdlife, the distant cry of a faraway monkey and a gentle wind chime hung outside the breakfast area.

The bungalows are incredibly well designed and equipped with a lovely veranda and large windows. The beds are big and sumptuous, the bathrooms are beautifully appointed and there are large refrigerators and TVs in every room. All fresco breakfast is served in the main building, with as much coffee as you wish for. At the moment the resort is not serving any other meals apart from breakfast, but that will change in the future. They will though recommend excellent local restaurants, which are located within a kilometre or so. The beach is a short drive away and it is quiet, clean and a lovely place to spend time.


What I loved about Thai House Resort was the attention to detail that is obvious everywhere and the lovely friendly way in which it is run. Nothing is too much trouble for Icesy and her staff. A bowl of fresh fruit arrives within minutes of checking in, the gardens are constantly maintained and nothing is left to chance. All the chairs in the dining area have felt pads on their feet, avoiding the constant dragging noise that plagues many restaurant areas in Southeast Asia. Bathrooms have nonslip tiles for safety. There is a sheltered car parking area that is separated from the main part of the resort by a lovely bamboo hedge. The atmosphere as I say, is quiet, but it is not pretentious, it feels like staying at a friends superb house; it’s very easy to relax here..


Thai House is inexpensively priced for this type of venue. Current reviews on are running at an averaging a score of 9.3

A 2 person 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom bungalow costs THB1500 per night including Breakfast

A 4 person 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom bungalow costs THB2900 per night including Breakfast


Thai House Resort offers different options of transport. Collection at Suvarnabhumi airport costs THB2500. Should you prefer to catch the Airport bus to Hua Hin, you can either be collected in town or the hotel will help with taxis. Taking the train to Hua Hin which run hourly from Bangkok, you can be collected at the station. There is a daily ferry from Pattaya which arrives at 11:00 am each day, just 8km from the resort, again guests can be collected from the terminal. Local transport options for guests are either free bicycle hire or motor scooters which cost just THB200 per day.

To summarise, this is one of the most pleasant resorts I have stayed at in Thailand. It is beautifully appointed and ran, it offers total relaxation in an atmosphere of calm, whilst still enabling guest to feel comfortable and at ease with the world. At the price it would be hard to beat.