Volunteer Your Time to Help Improve Lives at a Local Children’s Charity

Volunteer Your Time to Help Improve Lives at a Local Children’s CharityHearing the joy in their voices as they laugh and scream with joy each day – that’s the best part of volunteering at Camillian Home. This is a place where you can really make difference in the lives of orphaned and abandoned children living with disabilities and serious illnesses just by your presence or by sharing your skills. Located in Latkrabang, Bangkok just 15 minutes from Suvarnabhum airport, Camillian Home is an orphanage, school, and daycare center offering up to high school level education, food, physical therapy, occupational therapy and care completely free of charge to over 70 underprivileged children coming from poor backgrounds who would otherwise not be able to afford the rehabilitation they need to achieve their full potential in life.

Most of the volunteers are foreigners who don’t speak any Thai and this actually works out for the kids because they end up learning English from the volunteers. According to the Home’s volunteer policy, if you’re coming from overseas and would like to volunteer at Camillian Home, you will need to dedicate at least 3 months of your time working 5 days a week. Food and housing are provided free of charge at Camillian Home if your application is accepted. Special consideration is given to those who have skills such as occupational therapy, nursing degrees, or extensive experience with special needs children. However, volunteers are also needed for administration work, public relations, and children’s activities and events, and much more. There are so many ways to help as long as you have the heart to do so! Keep in mind that most of the kids don’t have families so they could really benefit from having big brothers, sisters, and parental figures in their lives. Bangkok-based volunteers are also welcome at the Home as long as they are committed to regular visits.

Much of the development at Camillian Home has been initiated by long term volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy to helping the kids have the best life possible. The aqua therapy pool, inclusive wheelchair accessible playground, park, and sensory garden were all initiated and completed by Canadian volunteer, Faisal Malik who has been volunteering his time since 2009. Italian Occupational therapist Antonella Spanoli spent a total of one year volunteering at Camillian Home, creating a therapy program for the special needs children who live with autism, Down syndrome, and conditions such as cerebral palsy. Yvonne Liang is an American-Taiwanese volunteer who has been helping with Public Relations, Administration, and Event Planning which raises awareness and funds for Camillian Home. Bangkok-based volunteer Rich Cramp from the UK has been giving free weekly guitar lessons to Camillian Home kids for over 2 years; his dedication is the reason resident boys Rath and Nat have the dream of becoming musicians.

If you would like to join the Camillian Home family by becoming a volunteer, please refer to their website, which is sponsored by local web design company Webcoursesbangkok. It is with the help of sponsorship and volunteerism from individuals and companies that Camillian Home for Children Living with Disabilities can continue to help Thailand’s disabled children receive the best quality of life.

Camillian Home for Children Living with Disabilities
81/2 Luangphang Rd. Khumthong, Lat Krabrang, Bangkok 10520
Email: camillianhome@gmail.com
Tel: (+66)0-2360-7852