On June 29, 104-year-old Vo Thi Bai fought off a 22-year-old assailant after he attempted to rob her during her midday nap. The Dong Nai resident awoke after young Vu Van Cam Tu sneaked into her house and threw a blanket over her face. When Tu tried to make off with the wad of money secured in Bai’s waistband, the old woman grabbed the thief by his collar and began yelling for help, clinging to the young man even as he punched her in the face. Bai’s 66-year-old daughter answered her call for help and Tu was apprehended by police. According to Bai, she was not afraid during the incident: “A farming life has made me healthy. And at this age, death is no longer a big deal. Therefore those robbers are nothing to me.”