14-year-old boy gets lost, rides bicycle for 53 hours straight

When Tran Van Dat, a 14-year-old boy from north-central Ha Tinh province, left his home by bicycle on July 19, he planned to ride to his uncle’s house in nearby Nghi Xuan District. Instead, the teenager took a wrong turn at an intersection in Nghi Xuan and wound up riding over 300 kilometres through three provinces in search of his uncle’s home. Though Dat asked for directions several times along the way, passersby were so few and far between that he wound up in Dong Ha, the capital of Quang Tri province, on July 21. By the time Dat asked police in Quang Tri for help, he had been awake and cycling for 53 hours straight, stopping to rest for a few minutes at a time but never sleeping for fear his bike would be stolen. Local authorities in Quang Tri were able to contact their counterparts in Ha Tinh to ensure that Dat returned home safely.


Photo: Nguyen Dung