We are only human, and so are bound to make mistakes. Bradley Green more than most

One thing we as human beings can all be certain of is that we’re all going to make mistakes. Ranging from the minute to the monstrous, we can be sure that they will be around just about every corner- and of course more for some than others.

Going through life, people will happily point out mistakes that we make, and often won’t admit ones they’ve made themselves, so sometimes it’s tricky to know the difference between right and wrong- or maybe I’m trying too hard to blame this on the environment rather than general daftness. With honesty becomes acceptance, so admitting when you’ve done wrong is a better trait than possibly not making the problem in the first place, perhaps.

History has been littered by mistakes, and most of these will make not watering the aspidistra seem not so bad at all. A full twelve publishing houses turned down the Harry Potter manuscript before being published, and then JK Rowling went on to earn a staggering $1bn with the books being translated into over 60 languages. I’m sure those 12 publishers felt very silly afterwards.

The founders of Google approached a CEO in 1999 trying to sell the search engine for $1m, then dropped the asking price to $750,000 which was still rejected. Google is now valued at around $365bn. Woops. Way back in 1962 a record label auditioned two young bands, the one they signed were named Brian Poole and Tremeloes. Who, you ask? Yet the one they rejected were a small band known as The Beatles.

Of course all these have been about financial loss, but in the 13th century Genghis Khan sought to open trade links with the neighbouring Khwarezmid empire, however the offer was rejected and the Mongol diplomat was beheaded. Khan was not happy and subsequently sent in 200,000 warriors and destroyed the empire entirely. And you thought waking up in bed next to your brother’s wife was bad.

I myself am a professional at rubbing people up the wrong way/putting my foot in it/just doing things wrong. Most of the time it’s just me being an innocent ignorant idiot, and yet other times I feel that the mistakes almost feel purposeful. Did I mean to annoy that person? Why yes, I think I did. Did I mean to mix those dates up? Well surely not, but with today’s stringent, over scheduled and most certainly over sensitive world, making the odd mistake is a great way to feel human in my opinion. Whether it be guilt, anger or just feeling a bit silly. We must remember that these things happen and of course, if we didn’t do anything wrong how could we learn.

So feel free to miss the occasional birthday and the odd day at work. Sure, say that thing to your sister in law which you know would cause trouble but has been on the tip of your tongue, begging to be spoken for years. We are not yet robots so these mistakes will happen, so don’t feel too bad about screwing up.