It’s on again! The 2nd Annual ANZAC Great Debate will be held at Caravelle Saigon on Friday 17th April at 07:00pm to bring people together to commemorate a very significant anniversary that two countries- Australia and New Zealand, celebrate friendship in the host country of Vietnam as well as raise funds for Loreto Vietnam- Australia program, one of the NGO helping unlucky kids in Vietnam.

In the great ANZAC tradition of friendly- rivalry, six of the great minds from Australia and New Zealand will engage in an evening of wit, wisdom, banter over a meal of fine ANZAC inspired fare and debate the topic “Do New Zealand should become a State of Australia?”. Additionally, participants to the event are also encouraged to bring their items for a charity auction. Further enquiries about the auction can be contacted via

Tickets are being sold at Caravelle Saigon, AusCharm and the NewZealand Consulate General in HCMC at VND 1,500,000 per person.

ANZAC Dawn Services is upcoming event, which will be held at Long Tan Cross, HCMC and Hanoi on 25 April. Also, 6th Annual ANZAC Friendship Match in Vung Tau on 25 April will be hosted the Vietnam Swans Australian Football and the match will against the Singapore Wombats.

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