We keep doing the same thing but expect a different result. Poorly educated fitness professionals with no real professional experience or supervision spread fads and misinformation.

Magazines and “bloggers” with a ton of deceptive and incorrect material on how people gain body fat, and consequently how they can lose it are everywhere.

The 3 major lies in mainstream fat loss wisdom are:

Lie #1: Low-Fat, Calorie Restricted Diets Are Best For Fat Loss

Low-fat diets are NOT best for fat loss.

Higher protein, higher fat dietary models tend to be much more effective for fat loss because they are very filling and help you avoid hunger.

While fat has more energy per gram you tend to eat less total calories because you will become fuller faster and remain satisfied for longer.

In addition, carbohydrates cause insulin spikes and make your body rely more on glucose for its energy source.

Your body then finds it difficult to access its fat stores to burn them because it prefers to use glucose for energy, making it very difficult to lose body fat.

The calorie approach is incredibly flawed! Macronutrient ratios, insulin response, how the body alters hormone levels or how metabolic conditioning can affect preferred fuel source are not accounted for in the calorie approach.

The focus of a low-fat, high-carb diet without emphasis on vegetable consumption for weight loss are harmful to health and disappointing for long term fat loss

Lie #2: Aerobic Exercise Will Help You Lose Fat

The truth is that aerobic exercise is a fat trap; this is the hardest truth for most to grasp.

In the long term, aerobic exercise appears to be utterly useless for fat loss.

We need to ‘move’ as much as possible and exercise just enough.

Continual movement at a low pace trains your body you utilise fat as a fuel but ‘Chronic Cardio’ elevates stress hormones and has been shown to have negligible effect for fat loss. High-intensity interval exercise is much more effective due to the hormone profile it elicits as well as the metabolic afterburn effect.

Lie #3: Chemicals Don’t Make You Fat

High chemical level is one of the major reasons people find it hard to lose fat in the modern era.

Your body has an amazing capacity to store fat but is extremely sensitive to chemicals and must process them out of the body as soon as possible.

If your body is overwhelmed and can not eradicate toxins from your system it must move them out of active circulation, so it stores them in body fat – safely out of harms way but that fat can not be lost until the chemical load issue has been dealt with.

Phil Kelly is a health practitioner and expert in body transformation. His services are available at Star Fitness (starfitnesssaigon.com), online or at your home. Contact him through his website phil-kelly.com or facebook.com/BodyExpertSystemsVietnam