A Golden Heart featured at Guam International Film Festival

A Golden Heart featured at Guam International Film Festival. The documentary, titled ‘A Golden Heart’, made in Vietnam, tells the story of Trang Quy NhoA talented young Ho Chi Minh City based filmmaker has had his latest production officially selected to be shown at the Guam International Film Festival USA.

The documentary short, titled ‘A Golden Heart’, made entirely in Vietnam, tells the story of Le Thi Trang, a young Vietnamese woman who was visually impaired at birth. Through this heart moving story we learn from Trang about her journey to overcome the hurdles of being visually impaired and how nothing should be an obstacle to helping and inspiring others.

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The 16 year old director and student at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City, Elijah McKeogh, says

“Trang’s story just had to be told. On first meeting with Trang, I could literally see and feel her huge heart and selflessness in helping other visually impaired people like her throughout the community. The enormous challenges and hurdles to overcome in an underdeveloped country for those who are visually impaired are huge. During the production shoot, I was inspired by Trang’s commitment to achieve her very best and to help others to do the same. Trang’s story is certainly worth seeing.”

Produced especially for the HCMC based Take 5 film competition, the production was filmed within the competition time frame of only two weeks. A small but dedicated global crew, made up of representatives from Vietnam, Thailand and Australia, spent many hours creatively putting the film together. The film was selected as finalist for ‘best film’ and ‘best director’ categories but did not take out any of the awards on its home turf.

Globally though, the film recently won the ‘best director’ award at the See The Change Social Justice Film Festival, Indonesia. With the just announced selection in the Documentary category for the Guam International Film Festival USA, Elijah is excited that Trang’s inspirational story is being shared with a global audience.

Elijah hopes to use his film making talents to impact how people see the world and use the medium of film to make a difference. With the help of some local HCMC based businesses such as Al Fresco’s, Everest Education and ISHCMC the director was recently able to further his studies in the art of film making by attending the New York Film Academy and creating his own production at Universal Studios, Los Angeles. As a result of Elijah’s unique film making talents, Vietnamese businesses have begun to commission him to create productions for them.

“It’s brilliant when I can use the medium of film to channel my passion and tell stories that make a difference in this world” states Elijah.

A selection of Elijah’s films can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/user/elijahmckeogh