Airbus and helicopter nearly collide above HCMC

Several aircraft agencies met Thursday to discuss an incident in which a Vietnam Airlines (VNA) Airbus nearly collided with a Mi 172/423 helicopter above Tan Son Nhat airport on 29 October, reports TuoiTre.

The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) received a report from the Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation (VATM) on Wednesday regarding the incident. In the report, the agency said the Airbus had departed Tan Son Nhat for Hue on 29 October. A little after take-off, at 11.41am, the pilot detected the military helicopter flying horizontally at 1,000 ft, the same height as the Airbus. However, a VNA report also said that the elevation of the two aircrafts was 500 ft lower from each other and that the distance between the two aircrafts was 200 ft.

Do Quang Viet, deputy head of the CAAV, said that the military air traffic controller had failed to notify the civil air controller in advance, resulting in the near collision.