Bradley Green hits some bumps on the road of life, and comes out the other end with some scratches and a reminder that all things happen for a reason.

Nothing has quite gone to plan since my return to Vietnam. I was coming back from the cold, gloomy British winter time looking forward to the hot, balmy, uncomfortable heat of sweaty Saigon. Which I was greeted to with a sticky slap of humidity right across the chops. So far, so good.

To alleviate the iciness that had made my bones rigid, a trip for Tet holiday to Nha Trang sounded like a good idea. I was running low on funds due to the exorbitant price of everything in the UK, yet I wasn’t going to sit in Saigon twiddling my thumbs. Besides, I hadn’t seen my beloved in six weeks, and I couldn’t wait to immerse myself in the calm turquoise waters.

Alas, there wasn’t an ounce of sun in the sky for a good five days, the ‘turquoise’ seas were a stormy, murky mess and it must have rained four times a day. Not the paradise I was looking for. Despite the horrid weather, a very merry time was had relaxing in mud baths and laughing at some of the lovely Russian beach fashion. Every cloud, and there was a lot of them, has a silver lining, as they say.

Nearly eight weeks after I had departed for England I was now almost looking forward to working again, and besides, the bank balance wasn’t looking too healthy. I then found out one of my jobs had been given away, to which I was rather bewildered, as I was sure it was there the last time I had checked. Although in all honesty, I wasn’t particularly bothered as it felt like I was driving to the Mekong Delta every other day, such was the distance. So far, so good.

Since returning from Nha Trang I had been living with my dearest, whilst looking around for new accommodation to call my own. There were a few leads for a couple of nice places, however they came to nothing. No great drama, just another small punch in the gut. Although my positivity at this stage was that of a stranded fly trapped in a spider’s web. A bit much perhaps, but it wasn’t rosey.

Then one weekend, I was having a jolly old time, enjoying the sun’s glare and my friends company. Everything was delightful. The whole day had been more than pleasant and all my worries were forgotten. The day had begun to come to a close as had the suns luminescence, enough was enough and it was time to head home.

As I was driving the long, straight road home, my accelerator got mildly stuck as my hand was on the clutch – unbeknownst to me.

As soon as I took my hand off the clutch I careered into a median strip that made me, my passenger, and the bike go skyward. Luckily, I only suffered from a nasty bit of road rash and a swollen knee, and thankfully my passenger had a minor scratch only.

When we arrived home the nerves were tingling and a quite apparent sense of shock had struck the pair of us. We may have been a bit loud discussing the evening’s events. Which I assume is why the neighbor decided to knock loudly on the wall to signify their displeasure at our brief and minimal noise. Well to cut this long story short, I went and knocked on their door, a few unsavoury words were shared and come the morning was the letter of eviction. Ah, balderdash!

This long winded series of unfortunate events have gone on to manifest themselves into little blessings in disguise: more fun, a better job, and a new apartment to call home. What goes around comes around, I suppose.