Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods, talks deep-sea worms, tethering yourself to local culture, zero-kilometre cooking and what happens when you take away someone’s food. By Dana Filek-Gibson

How do you define ‘bizarre’ in terms of your show? One person’s weird is another person’s staple?

The dictionary defines it as ‘unique and interesting,’ so that’s how I use it. The idea to call the show Bizarre Foods was not mine. I still don’t like it; I think it gives people the wrong impression. But I think, had I had my way, I would have called it something very witty and urbane and it would have been on public television and we would have made 10 episodes and I would’ve had the love and applause of my peers and that’s it. Instead, we went with somebody else’s idea and it created something that was much more marketable and yes, a little bit commercial, but I don’t think that’s bad because we’ve been able to reach millions, tens of millions, hundred of millions of people with this.