Art Director for AsiaLIFE Media Vietnam needed

After three and a half years raising the creative direction of AsiaLIFE in Ho Chi Minh City, our highly valued Art Director is ready for the next step in furthering his career by pursuing new opportunities in the New Zealand media and advertising industry. Whilst we at AsiaLIFE will sorely miss Johnny Murphy and wish him great success in the future, we now find ourselves with a hugely important vacancy to fill.

We are therefore looking for candidates to fill the position of Art Director for AsiaLIFE Media in the coming months.

AsiaLIFE Media Vietnam is a boutique publishing and media company based in Ho Chi Minh City producing AsiaLIFE Magazine which is both a print based and online publication with sister operations in Thailand and Cambodia.  We have recently expanded our scope to producing video documentaries and promotions.

We are looking for a young and enthusiastic candidate with the following credentials:
Have a recent degree in graphic design
• Possess a creatively diverse print portfolio – our last 2 Art Directors were hired from their degree portfolio
• Adept in Adobe Creative Suite, of course!
• Ability to work independently and find new creative directions for our products.
• Be able to lead creative decisions working with Publisher, Managing Editor and Photo Editor
• Must be open to new cultural environments 

This position is open to Vietnam and international candidates, and based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Please send CV and portfolio to