Although AsiaLIFE Media, previously 365 Days Advertising, had been producing AsiaLIFE for a few months prior to the “official” count began, this issue, as you can see from the cover,  is volume 100. One hundred months ago, the repositioned AsiaLIFE hit the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. We had moved away from the “what’s happening in the city” to a publication that  was worth picking up and reading.

Jonny Edbrooke, Director: “What originally began as a simple guidebook, needed to move on and evolve to become more interesting to a wider audience. We had the creative team in place already through the agency so AsiaLIFE became what it is now.”

A lot has changed in the over the years since our launch party at the then newly opened Vasco. The city and country has seen dramatic development, and AsiaLIFE also has moved with it for our current times. We have had groundbreaking issues that have covered a wide array of tough topics. Pride, human trafficking, and domestic violence highlight social issues still at the forefront in Vietnam. This was a first for an English language publication.”

JE: “We wanted to be groundbreaking, but timing was key for these articles. We always stuck to the positive side of the country. We highlighted issues but then showed what was being done to solve them.”

AsiaLIFE Cambodia is still the leading publication in the Kingdom and is set to celebrate its 10th birthday in November. We had a brief stint with AsiaLIFE Thailand, but soon came to realise that a purely online presence there would be a better format than print. So we launched, which covers Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, and is one of the most visited sites in the region with over 75,000 session a month.

With education being so important to the ever-moving expat community we decided to dedicate part of the site to that with educationHub, which covers all 3 countries with comprehensive listings of all of the International Schools , videos and resources for the education sector.

JE: “The education sector has always been important to AsiaLIFE and AsiaLIFE Media after all, a large number of our readers here have kids in school.”

AsiaLIFE Videos, produced by our in-house production department, have moved the whole brand further online. Our YouTube Channel features restaurant and hotel reviews, documentaries and interviews, reaching 300,000 views on the channel alone, and many more via the video pages on the website.

One more branch of the brand is, with our studio at the Royal Phuket Marina managed by an old Vietnam hand, Prim. The station is still in its infancy, but we are gaining an ever-wider following, and with the imminent launch of the AsiaLIFE partnered event-space at MPR, we will be hosting gigs and events after the success of The AsiaLIFE Music Festival.

What many people don’t know is that AsiaLIFE Media does a whole lot more than just AsiaLIFE. The company itself was started as an advertising agency, making commercials for clients such as Vietnam Airlines and Sanyang Motors. Most of our business today is branding and communications, and with our in-house production department, we will be expanding that side of the business through viral video and production services.

We just wanted to say thank you to our readership for sticking with us through all of these years. We love creating these stories. All of the content we have developed has always been aimed at the exciting variety of people from all walks of life that share this city with us.

Absolute best,