AsiaLIFE launches Education Hub

AsiaLIFE, the original English-language monthly in the city, has unveiled EducationHUB, the online portal dedicated to everything related to international education in Southeast Asia.

EducationHUB ( is the latest addition to AsiaLIFE’s online presence following the relaunch of earlier this year.

The only site covering everything to do with international education in the region from kindergarten and pre-schools, primary and secondary education, universities and vocational training, Education Hub is dedicated to providing informative and useful education-related content.

EducationHUB includes comprehensive listings of schools, education-related news, in-depth features, insightful columns and editorial video.

AsiaLIFE Editorial Director Brett Davis said the concept for EducationHUB came about due to the need to create a platform for the wealth of content around education.

“Education plays such a central role in the lives of people and families here, and it became a question of how much space we could devote to it in the print magazine and on,” he said.

“On doing some further research, we realised there was no one space online that focused and all aspects of international education in Vietnam, and Southeast Asia as a whole.”

Mr Davis also said the content on the site would continue to grow, with listings of institutions in other countries in Asia to be added, more columnists, educational resources for students and parents, and ultimately a forum where educators and parents could exchange tips, advice and ideas.

“International education in Asia is seeing tremendous growth as an industry, and we believe EducationHUB can grow with it and play a valuable role in informing and connecting everyone with an interest in this sector,” Mr Davis said.

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