Authentic Hong Kong Style Dim Sum at affordable prices at Gourmets Delight

Gourmet’s Delight Roast Kitchen, a Hong Kong style casual dining restaurant in Saigon, has just introduced its Hong Kong style dim sum for your lunch and dinner.

The fried & crispy dim sum menu includes pan fried & crispy dim sum with baked BBQ pork pastry, deep fried bean-curd skin roll with shrimp, deep fried vegetarian spring roll, yam dumpling, glutinous dumpling, prawn dumpling with salad sauce and pan fried carrot cake.

The Cantonese dim sum menu features all steamed items such as prawn dumpling, pork dumpling, dumpling with pork and vegetable, chicken feet with black bean sauce, pork rib with black bean sauce, beef ball with bean-curd skin, BBQ pork bun, glutinous rice in lotus leaf and bean-curd skin roll in oyster sauce.

For dessert there is baked mini egg tart, steamed egg York custard bun, mango pudding, durian pudding, chilled almond bean-curd with longan, mango & pomelo sago cream, red bean cream with lotus seed, glutinous ball with sesame filling and deep fried glutinous ball with lotus seed paste.

All dim sum are priced from only VND35,000.

Gourmet’s Delight are still serving barbeque and roast dishes. Any Chinese roast dish worth its salt is featured on the menu, each carefully prepared with our chef’s special recipe, including crispy Peking duck with freshly prepared pancakes, and barbequed pork in honey sauce. Diners can choose from an affordable VND160,000 for half a Fragrant Salt Steamed Chicken (Ga hap Quy Phi) to VND1,600,000 for a whole Roasted Sucking Pig.

Gourmet’s Delight Restaurant
Unit 15, 1/F, Kumho Asiana Saigon
39 Le Duan Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City