Bradley Green reassures us all that we aren’t missing out being away for the holidays.

I  was hopping around for weeks, not sure whether I was coming or going. I was slightly nervous about heading home for a month long trip. After all, it has been more than two years since I last stepped foot on the frosty shores of the island in which I call home.

The weeks building up to it were putting me right on edge. I was working more to save cash, sleeping erratically, and this was all leading to a rather frazzled state of being. However, I was more concerned about seeing my nearest and dearest. I was wondering whether they even liked me, or would notice my presence at all. There was also the small matter of being a best man to a fella I’ve known for more than twenty years. It was all very stimulating.

After a whirlwind few days of beers and catch ups, it feels like nothing has changed. I am actually currently sitting, looking out of the window onto a grey winter’s day. Is it refreshing? Yes. Do I like it? Not really. Two years seems like a long time, but apparently time is not relevant, because after a few small doses of nostalgia it seems I could have never left at all, and things would still be the same.

So much for the fantastic adventure to the other side of the world. I blame the internet (like I do for most things) for this complete lack of mystery. Yet, I also blame the fact that this isn’t the 1400’s, and I’m not discovering far away lands inhabited by tropical “savages”.

I suppose general anxiety is common in most people. A regular emotion is just that. Although it really wasn’t worth all the fuss, being home felt like I’d never left.

Yet, what did I expect? It’s home after all. Very pleasant, but rather dull. Aside from a tiny bit of gossip, there really isn’t anything different occurring. No radical rioting, or looting tearing up the streets. Just a bunch of people running around getting last minute bits of tat for Christmas, consumerism at its most profitable – people at their most suggestible.

I’m starting to sound like the Grinch here. I’ve actually got a soft spot for the festive period, like we all do really. Even your miserable old uncle may dust cast off his cynicism for a friendly game of Scrabble, and indulge himself in a mince pie.

For those of you who are missing home at this time of year, don’t worry. You’re not missing much. Same crap, different year.

If you’ve been feeling like you might have started to alienate yourself from home, you haven’t. If you have felt like you’re missing much, you’re not.

I think moving away was a great idea. Although the intense heat can make you feel like your body may never be free from constant sweat, and that the mad traffic and general hustle and bustle of Saigon can be quite the pain in the backside.

With all of these issues considered, Saigon is much more exciting than your hometown (well my hometown for sure). Its fast pace and frenetic energy certainly keeps us on our toes.

If anybody is feeling a little giddy about going home, I’m here to tell you to relax. Everything is in hand. I worried about this and that for no good reason. All I’m worried about now is winning charades. Pass the sherry!