Nguyen Thi Hue, 28, TV Producer at VTC10
Cao Bang is a mountainous province located near Vietnam’s northern border. Many Vietnamese know this location because of Pac-Pac Cave and the beautiful blue waters of Le Nin stream; a historical relic associated with the revolutionary activities of President Ho Chi Minh during the French Resistance War.

In addition, there are many places of interest nearby such as Tran Hung Dao forest and Nguom Ngao Cave.

Cao Bang has an extraordinary musical culture, and singing with the local H’mong people is an amazing experience. Another ethnic group (called ‘Nung’) are famous for using indigo to dye and design traditional clothing.

Phan Thi Phan, 28, QC Tester at Inception Labs
Pho Chau Beach – ‘Pho Chau’ beach in Quang Ngai province is the most beautiful place in Vietnam. I think people should visit there because of the delicious seafood and amazing beaches. Also, the locals in my hometown are honest and very kind. Because the oceans are so clean in this area, we have extremely fresh seafood. One food that is very special to us is ‘cua huynh de’ or ‘King Crab’ in English. It’s only found in this region. Not many foreigners have been to this beach, so it’s the perfect place to experience real Vietnamese culture and enjoy the best, local seafood.

Ashley Elizabeth, 31, English Teacher
Mai Chau – Whether you choose to take a motorbike, taxi or bus, descending from the mountains into Mai Chau is an unforgettable scene. Upon arrival, you enter a valley full of stilt houses surrounded by rice paddies. The people of Ban Lac village come from Thai ancestors. In fact, when speaking Thai to them, they are still able to understand some of it as a handful of the words are still the same. The village offers a unique experience of being able to walk from house to house buying homemade crafts and eating traditional foods like grilled fish, chicken and sticky rice.

Hannu Leskinen, 35, Social Media Analyst at Shutta App
Lang Co Bay – Lang Co bay is a small beach village about 30km from Da Nang, on the other side of the Hai Van Pass. It’s a quiet, little village with nice beaches, gorgeous mountains, delicious food and lovely local people. There aren’t many tourists, and many Vietnamese go there on their summer holidays. There are amazing seafood restaurants floating on top of the water too. It was great to eat and drink beer while taking in the bay and mountains. I went to many places during that trip, but it was Lang Co that made me truly fall in love with Vietnam.

Nguyen Thi Huong GiangNguyen Thi Huong Giang, 29, Owner at La Dame Leather Boutique
Ta Nang – Just 80 kilometres from Dalat is Ta Nang. An unknown place where you can climb mountains, hike through the forests and wade through streams.

This destination is for those that enjoy nature at its most extreme. The best way to bathe is in the natural rivers in the area.

To reach the highest point in Ta Nang you should prepare and pack accordingly. Once you reach the summit, one can start up a fire and cook, make coffee or just take in the beauty of the area and enjoy Vietnam’s nature.

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