The future is here; it arrived a few weeks ago. It sat quietly at the bar and waited to be ordered. Slowly at first, and then many at once, the orders started flooding in…

The bottled cocktail has arrived in Vietnam. No ordinary cocktail, this is a pre-made cocktail, made in batches of five litres the night before and decanted into cute reusable bottles with specially designed labels.

The point behind the bottled cocktail is to create a unique beverage serve, which cuts down on service time, whilst keeping consistent quality. Best results are from concoctions made up with mostly alcohol, and light sodas with a sweet and sour balance.

For busy bars, they offer the guest a fun option, allowing the bartender more time to host. Whilst the conventional method of creating cocktails will continue to make the real bars an exciting place to hang out, hearing the sound of a Boston Shaker rattling behind the bar is like music to the ears, there is no doubt that the age of sustainable cocktails is here.

Stick to the spirit heavy classics like Manhattans, Martinis and Negronis. This way you make some for the girls and some for the boys. You can also dilute the drinks with a little spring water, or soda to be uber fashionable.

Bottled Manhattan
Make 6 x 250ml  servings
100ml  Rye Whisky
400ml sweet vermouth
12 dashes Angostura bitters
300ml filtered water

Pour everything into a large pitcher and stir gently to combine. Funnel into your bottles of choice and close them. Chill until ready to enjoy.

Bottled Margarita / Side Car / Sour
Though these are three different cocktails, the ratio of liquor/triple sec/citrus is the same (three parts spirit (tequila, cognac, whiskey) to two parts triple sec and one part citrus juice). The below will make enough for a one litre batch batch.
450ml liquor (tequila, cognac, rum, vodka, bourbon, etc.)
300ml ounces triple sec
150ml ounces citrus juice (lime or lemon)
150ml bottled or filtered water

Funnel everything into a bottle and shake it up. Chill and shake again before enjoying.

Bottled cocktails are now available for the first time in the country at Shri rooftop restaurant and lounge, which has a 360 degree panoramic view of the city, at 23rd floor, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, HCMC, D3.

Shri has launched a ‘drinks with a view’ bottled cocktail range. At VND 120,000 a bottle, they are a fun addition to the beverage program.

Shri Restaurant and Lounge manager Richie Fawcett is a designer and artist who sits on Asia’s 50 best bars voting panel and is responsible for training many of Vietnam’s best bartenders.