Founded in 2010 by Fiona Briers, Bright Solutions is a venture of passion. A place to support vulnerable women in our communities by restoring dignity and self-esteem. A place of belonging, of learning and nurturing. A place to dream of a future when life has removed all hope.

This innovative social enterprise assists marginalised women gain financial stability and independence. It does this through incorporating interpersonal and life skills training with vocational training in sewing and handcrafts. The women are then given essential access to international markets where their craftsmanship has value, and the opportunity to earn a sustainable income.

For most women, this is their first opportunity to belong to a formal work structure or to work with others outside their families.  They are given flexibility in their work schedule, dependent on their personal circumstances, and opportunities for career progression into management or product design roles.

“I wanted to build a community that became a place of belonging, learning, nurturing. But women of course needed a reason to come – and get involved – which meant they needed to access a way to take back control of their lives. Money alone is not the answer although it provides an immediate yet temporary solution.” Fiona said.

Women who join the Bright Solutions team typically come from backgrounds of limited schooling and are untrained in vocational skills. Many are subject to some form of social stigma, such as domestic violence or health or family experiences. They all come with a history of prolonged poverty that impacts every aspect of their lives and denies them hope for the future.

Based on Fair Trade principles, the social enterprise works with women of all ages, empowering and equipping them through training and experience, and giving them access to a self-supporting trade and sustainable income. Their goal is not only to provide practical work skills needed to support livelihoods, but also encourage life and ethical behavioural approaches too.

Their niche products, Bright Solutions Play Books, focus on the rich and vibrant world of children’s interactive learning aids. Unique in design, excellent in quality, the products range from colourful ornaments and play packs, to interactive books designed to encourage both adult and child participation through storytelling, learning and entertainment.

“Our products are not just colourful play resources but also highly educational. They stimulate children’s curiosity, encourage discovery learning and sensory development from newborns to early primary ages, and help foster special bonding times between adult and child.” Fiona explained.

The proven resources actively appeal to early years’ learners, as well as supporting concept development and language enrichment.

Bright Solutions invests in genuine relationships of encouragement and acceptance so that over time, confidence and identity are restored to the women who form their team.

Once a part of the work community, women learn how to respect and value one another, as well as themselves, and can rebuild the dignity and self-esteem needed to have hope for their future once again.

Bright Solutions is an initiative of Global Missions Partners Inc., an Australian Government-approved aid and development fund, focused on sustainable community development and empowerment of the world’s poor and vulnerable.