Premium Vietnamese coffee blends and specialties. Photos and review by Ruben Luong.

Every day an Italian coffee master oversees the roasting of six premium coffee blends at Cafe RuNam. Each blend is infused with different proportions of pure arabica and robusta beans from farms in the Central Highlands.

If roasting coffee is considered a science, then drinking coffee is an art at Cafe RuNam. Whether light-bodied and citrusy, bitter but smooth or full-bodied and creamy, each complex flavour is nourished under the café’s phin, aluminum drip filters, which are golden and decadent.

Everything at Cafe RuNam exudes the same luxuriance. Nguyen Quoc Khanh, chairman of the AA Corporation (Vietnam’s leading furniture and design contracting company) owns the café with his wife, so it’s no surprise the café is posh.

Plush bench seating downstairs, or a cosy lounge and garden terrace upstairs, are opulent settings in which to enjoy Càfê RuNam’s food. Like the colonial décor, updates on classic Vietnamese dishes (VND 120,000-VND 130,000) and mains (VND 300,000-VND 520,000) are presented in good taste, suitable for business lunches or weekly reunions with friends.

The restaurant’s banh mi thit nuong RuNam, or RuNam grilled sandwich (VND 120,000) is a popular item among locals at the café. Delicately tied in pandan leaf, portions of a sliced baguette were smeared in flour and filled with bite-sized beef and pork patties. It married well with light cucumber, coriander and a spicy sauce that evenly coated the soft dough.

For something more sophisticated, try the hai san nuong xa sot chanh day, or grilled seafood with passionfruit sauce (VND 350,000), a tower of mashed potatoes, golden scallop, fresh seabass and grilled prawn drizzled in a pool of passionfruit dressing. Every ingredient meshed into each other for creamy, satisfying mouthfuls.

Cap off your meal with one of Càfê RuNam’s homemade cakes. Eating the corn cake (VND 65,000/slice), a fluffy, white cake topped in light coconut shavings and filled with bits of corn, is like eating a mild but delicious birthday cake. The coffee cheesecake (VND 90,000/slice), covered in almonds, may be even better than a cup of coffee (VND 70,000-VND 130,000).

The rich aftertaste of Càfê RuNam’s coffee remains with you, in fact, but not quite forever. For the future, discover more about your coffee preferences by perusing the café’s different blends behind the coffee counter, or purchase gift sets (VND 400,000-VND 620,000) to share the quality beans with your loved ones.

96 Mac Thi Buoi, D1
08 38 25 88 83
7am-11pm; seven days