Last month I discussed the Homeostasis Regulatory System (HRS) and how our bodies strive to naturally maintain balance. Your body will prioritise the elimination of chemicals over burning fat, as we have an i mpressive capability to store fat but harmful substances will cause irreparable damage. To maximise our health and fat loss efforts we need to be conscious consumers…

Nasty Noodles
The Centre for Study and Consultation on Consumerism (CESCON) randomly tested nine major food suppliers in Saigon (including supermarkets and such as Big C and Co.opMart) and found that a massive 80 percent of Vietnamese rice vermicelli contained a banned and highly hazardous chemical – tinopal.

It’s a fluorescent whitening agent found in detergents! It gives a brilliant white effect on cellulosic fibres and is, not surprisingly, stable over the whole temperature range. Long-term regular consumption of tinopal causes stomach and digestive harm, damages the neurological system, causes cancers, and kidney and liver failure. It effectively bleaches your insides.

The six types of Vietnamese rice noodles tested 100 percent positive for tinopal. That’s pho, bun, banh canh, banh hoi, banh cuon, and banh uot. Do Ngoc Chinh, deputy director of CESCON, states that tinopalis “causes harm to consumers” and is banned.

Measures are said to have been taken but all of the noodle suppliers said they were unaware of the contamination. Some coconuts have also been bleached to improve the whiteness of the shell. These hazardous chemicals can leak into the flesh and juice of the coconut and be consumed with the product. When buying a coconut, always buy one with the green husk. Therefore, you know it has not been tampered with. As far as pho and rice noodle products go, it is much harder, almost impossible, to know if it contains tinopal. The only answer is to consume these foods less regularly and boost your body’s detoxification systems, so that if you do happen to digest toxins your body will be capable of quickly eliminating them.

The only way to detox your system is to stop consuming harmful substances. Your body is hard wired for survival and will naturally process and eliminate substances that are bad for you. You just need to give it a chance to do its job by not adding to the problem. Elimination diets are usually the best action for detoxification… that is to eliminate any foods containing harmful substances that your body is intolerant to. Body Expert Systems has clear detoxification protocols that can help you if you are unsure of how to accomplish this process. We should all endeavour to limit the amount of chemicals we consume, as well as avoid foods that contain a lot of empty calories. More nutrient dense and high quality foods will result in effortless fat loss, increased energy and wellness.

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