Cat Called Dog By Prim

There’s a distinctly fuzzy reality of stepping into Cat Called Dog’s sound; it’s a soothing reassurance of natural blood-pumping, lug-hole piercing, raw, rock that grabs you by the curlies and demands attention. Born and bred in Skelmersdale, northwest England, it’s hard to imagine there’s only two of them, such is the explosion of echoing overlays. With scratchings of similarities to Royal Blood and The Black Keys, there’s also a hint of Motorhead to shackle the roots.

One EP in and CCD are making steady waves on the live scene. Frank McHale fronts up the vocals and guitar with an effortless surge of alternative rock choruses in ‘Find Your Way’ to the almost prophetic and psychedelic slant in the introduction of ‘God’s Will’. Combine that with Chris ‘6ft billion’ Orrell smacking the skins that makes Ginger Baker look blonde, and you’ve got a live band that instills the warm n’ fuzzy feeling of rock being the corner stone of humanity.

In ‘Connected’ there is a fearless jam-like-mood that portrays a mutual understanding, which stems from experience, as Frank describes: “Truth is myself and Chris have played together in one guise or another and with some amazing musicians and bands for more than a decade. I think it’s safe to say that about 18 months or so ago we started to wind down from the gig scene with the view to just working on the odd project.

“One of those projects was to work on a couple of demos without spending too much time, money or resources on them. Within a month or so we’d stumbled into the Cat Called Dog sound!! Writing and recording was fast and erratic. Some songs were written in 20-minute sessions, most of those tracks we still play live today unchanged from their original form.

“We had no real desire to be a duo and had hoped to have convinced our bass playing mates to join us. No one was really sold on it, so we carried on regardless. We decided that it was cheaper to go and play some local venues and rehearse our tracks live, instead of spending money on rehearsal space. So we decided to play two shows and then pretty much leave it there!

“Not sure what happened, but 12 months later and nearly 50 shows on, playing festivals, Hell’s Angels rallies, opening shows for some of our heroes, playing sold out gigs, recording in studios (which I always vowed never to ever do again)… it’s been an amazing 12 months for sure.”

And how thankful we are they continued, because quite frankly this band holds both the cat and dog’s proverbials. Frank is also the man behind Studio 109 Live and Online, a Sunday night show airing unsigned bands.