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Vegetarian & Vegan restaurants in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC, Vietnam from AsiaLIFE

Translating to ‘love’ in Sanskrit, Prem is a bohemian bistro in D3 offering alternative vegetarian recipes that use unique tofu and vegetable pairings

Prem Vegetarian

Prem Vegetarian Translating to ‘love’ in Sanskrit, Prem is a bohemian bistro in D3 offering alternative vegetarian recipes that use unique tofu and vegetable pairings for holistic, healthier living (VND 45,000-98,000). The three-story space features communal tables, a lounge with cushion seating and a rooftop terrace. Free yoga classes are occasionally held Sunday afternoons from 4pm-6pm with pre-registration. 129/4 Vo Van Tan 08 62 79 99 20 9am-10pm View AsiaLIFE Magazine Vietnam in a larger map

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