City education department proposes controversial e-textbook plan

Education officials in HCMC have come under fire for a controversial new e-textbook proposal that was announced early last week. The plan, which would cost USD$189 million to implement, aims to put electronic tablets into the hands of roughly 300,000 primary students in grades 1, 2 and 3 across HCMC. These tablets would be used for interactive learning, officials explained, with teachers leading their classrooms through digital study content, however educators have raised concerns about the program, worrying that teachers would not receive adequate training prior to the proposal’s implementation, not to mention the fact that so much screen time could be harmful to young children’s health. Furthermore, the plan would require the parents of primary students to purchase a tablet for their child, the least expensive of which run around VND3 million. Officials have yet to approve the plan and are continuing to hear feedback on the subject.

Photo: Tuoi Tre