Pasteurized milk, fruit juice, whole grains, cereal and soy made the top five deceptive foods last month. Here are five more that are touted as healthy options but you might be better leaving them off your plate.

6. Restaurant Salads
A salad is most people’s go-to safety meal but are all salads created healthy? No way! They are drowned in salad dressing, loaded with sugar, full of vegetable oils and minimal nutritional value.

Create your own salad using lots of veggies, some lean protein (egg, chicken or tuna), a few nuts or seeds or a small amount of cheese, with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

7. Protein Bars
Many protein bars use soy protein and count sugars in their top three ingredients! They are generally held together with honey or other sugars and have a ton of artificial ingredients. They actually contribute to fat storage, digestive problems and fungal infections.

Soaked almonds and other nuts are easy and delicious snacks for those on the go!

8. Isotonic / Energy Drinks
Or as I call them: chemical time bombs. The ingredients show a long list of chemicals with the actual main ingredients in most energy drinks are actually caffeine and sugar making them nothing more than high-priced soft drinks.

A better alternative? Coconut water! Living in Asia has this amazing benefit of an awesome supply of coconuts. Containing electrolytes, minerals and antibacterial properties – perfect for rehydration and energy

9. Oatmeal
Oats are still fairly high on the glycemic index, so this morning meal provides limited vitamins and minerals but a good portion of sugar to switch your body into a fat storing state instead of a burning one.

While oats themselves do not contain gluten, they do contain a protein that is relatively similar. Furthermore, if you are gluten intolerant oats can be contaminated due to current farming techniques where oat crops are rotated with barley, wheat or rye crops from year to year.

10. Processed Cheese
Processed cheeses are more like edible plastic than food, especially individually wrapped slices. They are pumped full of chemicals that are toxic and have little nutritional value.

A better alternative? Try making young coconut kefir cheese or eat real cheeses made from fermented raw milk to flavor your salads. Cheese should be used for flavour and never a major part of your diet.

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