Dengue fever cases expected to rise over the rainy season

On Tuesday, doctors and public health officials expressed concern over the predicted rise of dengue fever cases during the coming months. At a press conference organized in the lead-up to ASEAN’s Dengue Fever Day on June 15, Director of the Preventative Health Department Tran Dac Phu noted that over 10,200 cases of the disease have been reported this year in 42 cities and provinces nationwide. Though this number is lower than that of the previous year, experts believe dengue fever cases will increase significantly during June and the other rainy season months. A growing number of urban cases also have health officials worried, as concrete cisterns and other clean standing water serves as a breeding ground for mosquitos in the city. While there is currently no preventative prophylaxis for dengue fever, a vaccine is now in its trial stages in Africa and is expected to be available by 2016.

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