“Design and Heritage” by FASHION4FREEDOM is an exhibit that looks at Vietnamese craft and tradition through the lens of a global design perspective.

Curated by social enterprise FASHION4FREEDOM, “Design and Heritage” promises a feast for the eyes, displaying the best of Vietnamese craft through videos, installations, products and various forms of artwork. Held from 7 July to 20 July 2016, the exhibition features pieces from WRONG, a new brand conceptualized by FASHION4FREEDOM.

All the products, at the exhibition, are from a new brand, created by FASHION4FREEDOM, called WRONG. There is a strong emphasis is on cultural awareness and sustainability, each piece is crafted into jewellery, garments and shoes. There is a special emphasis on highlighting traditional Vietnamese techniques such as woodcarving (using sustainably harvested wood), silver-smithing (using metals recovered from old technology) and Hue embroidery (using textiles from the aLuoi tribe and lacquered silk).

“Vietnam has a wealth of artisanal skill and craftsmanship that has been kept alive from one generation to the next. It is something that should not be confined to villages but shared with the world. Our intention in putting up „Design and Heritage‟ is not only to showcase what has already existed for centuries, but also to present it in a way that is modern and relevant today, spurring on these amazing forms of art to sustainable futures”, says LanVy Nguyen , Founder of FASHION4FREEDOM.

Further commenting on FASHION4FREEDOM‟s social call, she continues, “I believe that great design is not only about making our lives prettier or simpler; great design can solve problems of injustice, create peace, and promote economic equality.”

Also available to view at the exhibition are video documentaries from the “Made In Vietnam” and “The Artisans” series produced by YOLO Pictures. These documentaries take viewers behind the scenes to further understand the history and evolution of these traditional skills within a cultural and social context.

All the pieces showcased in the exhibition may be purchased at the locations below. They may also be purchased online at Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/fashion4freedom; and miyoshop.com.

24 Thao Dien,
Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC
Thuy Design House
132-134 ĐồngKhởi
P. BếnNghé, district 1 HCMC