Dong Thap man spends over four days in freezer

A Dong Thap man is in stable condition today at Cho Ray Hospital after having survived 103 hours in a freezer. Mai Thanh Sang, 23, was working in Van Y Company’s 3,000-square-metre cold storage unit on July 19 when several of the shelving units inside collapsed. While two of his fellow employees at the seafood company were able to escape, Sang and one other worker, Tieu Van Tup, struggled to get out of the frozen room. Tup was found later that night however Sang, whose left arm and leg were pinned down by wooden crates, remained stuck amid the rubble. Following the accident, Van Y Company immediately cut the power to its storage unit, which was set to remain a frigid -22 degrees Celsius, however by the time Sang was found over four days later the temperature had only risen to around 5 degrees. Sang suffered cold burns and severe frostbite, however he is in stable condition and is expected to make a strong recovery.

Photo: Viet Vinh