Don’t miss the ‘blood moon’ in Vietnam on Wednesday

A total lunar eclipse, also known as a ‘blood moon’ due to its crimson hue, will occur in Vietnam on Wednesday, 8 October, according to Dang Vu Tuan Son, chairman of Vietnam’s astronomy club. Son said that the eclipse will begin at 3.15pm and end with a partial eclipse at 8.34pm, but the best viewing will take place around 5.25pm. It is the second lunar eclipse this year and also the second one in an ongoing lunar tetrad, in which there are four consecutive total lunar eclipses spaced six months apart. The next ones are expected to occur on 4 April and 28 September next year. Those interested in viewing this week’s blood moon should choose a clear view toward the East. Experts suggest that while binoculars will of course enhance viewing, the blood moon should be more than visible simply on the spot.