In a world of fast fashion, finding a business model that puts value on the end product as well as the roots of where that product originates is refreshing. Meet Efaisto, the brainchild of the Belgian and French business duo Bernard Seys and Lou-Adrien Fabre.

With a mission to give both vendors and consumers full control and transparency in regard to purchasing and creating products, they based their idea on fair pricing, customisable features for every product, and a progressive concept of changing the way we shop for fashion and accessories, putting a huge focus on what makes the experience personalised, fair, and affordable.

Efaisto started with the purchase of a white dress shirt made by a smiling tailor in a Ho Chi Minh City alley. It was the direct purchase from its maker that was the trigger for the research and creation of the company. The start-up’s first concepts were outlined by Seys and Fabre about a year-and-a-half ago on a paper napkin at their favourite quan. They got to work right away, quitting their full time office jobs to bring their collaborative platform between maker and buyer to life.

Their beginning was of the bare bones kind. They were financed only by their personal savings, and eventually got some assistance after hiring their first two employees to help them develop their broad concept into something more realistic. Today, Efaisto has grown into a large network of tailors, shoemakers, and leather crafters, and acts as the facilitator between the makers and the consumers, ensuring that each artisan is paid fairly and each product is beautifully made-to-order.

Items can be customised and purchased on, where the shopping experience is both intuitive and intriguing. The customisation options vary between everything from size, to material and hardware, straps and closure on bags, to toe style and stitching on shoes. Even sleeve lengths and monograms on shirts, with even further advanced customisation options if you really like getting into the micro-details of your designs.

Whether you’re passionate about ethical fashion, looking for a quick and friendly online shopping experience, or hungry for a fully personalised product that perfectly fits your expectations, Efaisto is there to be that outlet for you. Customisation helping you look good, while ensuring craftspeople are compensated in a fair and ethical manner. This is what the future of fair-trade looks like.

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