Evergreen Labs (EGL) was founded in March 2016, by former German investment banker, Jan Zellmann and recent American molecular biology PhD, Kasia Weina.  After working in their specific fields for some time, they decided to do something meaningful, with a sustainable positive impact.

As described by the co-founder, Dr. Kasia Weina, “We were ready to not only do something we are passionate about, but something that makes a real difference.”  EGL is a Danang-based project developer and company builder focused on implementation, scaling and multiplication of existing positive impact solutions in the social and environmental sectors.

EGL is divided into three branches: co-start, co-learn and co-share to ensure a fast and sustainable spread of their vision.  The co-start branch develops its own projects and supports external teams and co-founders.  EGL supports startups from the earliest stage, hoping to inspire the development of positive impact ideas, all the way to incorporation, implementation and growth.

Jan Zellmann, co-founder of EGL explains, “Evergreen Labs takes on the role of a catalyst between passionate entrepreneurs and the professional startup- and investor community.  We bridge the gap through a hands on approach and one-stop-shop service provider for local startups to ensure that projects become investable.”

Currently, seven projects are supported in the EGL portfolio, with a diverse range in terms of focus and development stage.  The scope includes everything from hydroponics to community-based tourism, recycling & material science as well as several projects in the clean food space.

The second branch of EGL is co-learn, which is dedicated to education and spreading knowledge about entrepreneurship, innovation, social & environmental causes and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurial minds in Vietnam.  EGL is currently developing an entrepreneurial programme and promotes innovation in central Vietnam.

The final branch of EGL is co-share which is committed to giving back.  EGL is supporting several organisations and additionally initiates its own co-share programmes to spread social change and protect the environment, including the Healthy Living Vietnam and Danang Cleanup.

After only being in operation for 7 short months, EGL is starting to leave a positive mark in Danang. To date, they have mentored over 25 startup teams, invested in 6 startups, participated or co-organised 10 events relating to startup and entrepreneurship and successfully supported 4 charity organisations.  Additionally, their co-share program, Danang Cleanup, has hosted 4 cleanup events and so far, has brought over 870 participants together to collect 4.5 tons of trash.

EGL plans to continue to grow over the next 12 months and their work will continue to focus on creating sustainable positive impact businesses with highly scalable impact.  After the launch of the Evergreen Entrepreneur club, they hope to build a stronger, more educated entrepreneur force in central Vietnam.

In addition, they will focus on creating impactful corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities for local companies.  EGL aims to establish a successful business model in Vietnam before spreading this model throughout South-East Asia. For more information, please visit their website and Facebook site: