FASHION.4.FREEDOM prides itself on being the first socially responsible, ethical and transparent supply chain in Asia, created by designers for designers.

FASHION 4 FREEDOMTroubled by an industry that often turns a blind eye to its environmental and social impact, and unable to find affordable manufacturers that would produce their designs ensuring standards for both ethics and quality, founder LanVy Nguyen and her team have built an alternative supply chain offering both ethical confidence and quality products.

F4F is a full-scale production company offering a responsible alternative to current production and supply chain options in the fashion industry. Founded on the belief that beautiful, high-quality products can be produced while helping to alleviate poverty and minimising environmental impact, they work directly with village artisans and operate a profit share system.

As well as producing their own range of fashion related products, they now offer their design and production services to other brands wanting to take advantage of their socially responsible, ethical and transparent supply-chain in Vietnam.

Working closely with F4F experts, clients are supported from early stage concept to proto-type design, and on to production and manufacturing. Needs, costs and risks are assessed along with the competitive landscape, ensuring brands are well positioned and products are relevant to the market.

One of their lines is inspired by the environmental cost of technological freedom. Each year, 500 million tons of e-waste are produced globally as the technology that advances our lives adds to the environmental waste of consumerism.

And as technology constantly changes our lives, artisans struggle to maintain their traditional methods of work, outpriced by low cost mass production. This new collection encourages young artists and designers to blend the old with the new, rather than turning their backs on the past.

It fuses traditional jewellery making methods with new techniques, taking the precious metals mined from old technology to create a statement affirming the aesthetic value of a consciously designed supply chain.

Taking symbolic inspiration from khoi, this is the first piece in F4F’s SWARM collection, exemplifying the challenges faced by fish as they struggle to swim through increasing polluted waters. F4F refer to this process of jewellery making as data mining, taking old data and giving it a second chance at inspirational beauty.

The SWARM collection “is a construction of select migratory, fluid creatures designed to debate the value and cost of migration, especially of those made by humans in an attempt to find better resources.” Constantly swimming upstream, the khoi represents our environmental struggle in the name of progress.